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Member Since: 15 Aug 2006
Total Topics: 29
Total Comments: 728
william blake's art: William Blake in the Artbash Store

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wheres paula?

Written by william blake 7 Feb 2011 in Off-site Articles 1 Comment

Start ya bastard

old school v new school
Written by william blake 5 Nov 2010 in Rants 2 Comments
Newest Comment Sno

Defence (Great Walls of Ire)

Does state approved graffiti generate peace or polarity.
Written by william blake 27 Oct 2010 in Rants

New is the New Old.

Charles Saatchi puts on a survey, makes a reality TV show and donates his Chelsea gallery to the City of London.
Written by william blake 26 Oct 2010 in Art Theory and History 1 Comment

Mike Who?

In true Barr fashion you have to guess which foreign city I am in, I will give you a clue its fucking expensive. I note that while the ‘bash seems to have gone quiet Jim n Mary keep crankin...
Written by william blake 23 Sep 2010 in Architecture 7 Comments
Newest Comment benjamin

HOWL Charlotte Fisher at Bath St

Progressive sculpture
Written by william blake 2 Aug 2010 in Practical Art 53 Comments
Newest Comment MR

Movers and Shakers

Written by william blake 16 Jun 2010 in Artbash 6 Comments
Newest Comment Pinnochio


If you loose this competition you could be a great artist.
Written by william blake 11 Jun 2010 in Online Artwork 11 Comments
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the cheque at the end of the week. >>
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W H Y are we fucking S H O U T I N g ? Quint there is no such thing as a false creativity, its just your prejudice. And why are you using a film wank piece of jargon like 'creatives' on this forum, ... >>
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