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Member Since: 13 Oct 2006
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What's in a name?

Why do dealers call themselves gallerists? Do they hate the English language or something?
Written by tripod 20 Nov 2006 in Rants 18 Comments

A Right Royal Academy?

Are State funded art schools the best way to create independent artists?
Written by tripod 14 Nov 2006 in Rants 86 Comments

Crying Shame

Just what is it that makes today’s British art so indifferent, so unappealing? A Crying Shame at the Wellington City Art Gallery
Written by tripod 20 Oct 2006 in Reviews 76 Comments
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Hi Nina, Welcome. I think you have arrived at the same time as I am going to depart. Artbash is probably right. John puts a lot of time and energy into making Artbash what it is and John is probably ri... >>
Now, seriously. You can't have two headmasters John. You should know that. It leads to division. I mean one of them might be like Artbash, who started this site to save the art world from pompous nonse... >>
Oh my goodness is this artbash? No. No. Please dear God, no. But wait. Perhaps I have accidentally stumbled in on the staff room of some sad secondary school? My, is that headmaster John in the corner?... >>
Oh dear My experience has been to find many of the shops...er I mean galleries do have eftpos and many more take credit cards. I certainly haven't ever seen a cash register but then cash is so, how sh... >>
Dear LorryHaka It certainly wasn't meant to be a tantrum. It really started out as a bit of fun but as much as I love his manly, manly ways, (who can resist a strict school teacher after all?) Mr Hurr... >>
Thank you kind sir So, you say the English language changes over time? My, my, I had no idea. Mr Hurrell, you'll have to excuse me, I was obviously too oblique. My question is why did they feel the ... >>
Mr Hurrell Gosh! Did you eat something that disagreed with you? I was not having a tantrum of any shape or kind. What I did do was ask a question. Your acceptance of the public relations generated wor... >>