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Member Since: 25 Apr 2010
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Push and pull

Is communication with photos the same as the communication exchanged when the photo was taken? Your in a photo, maybe not in appearance but by what you breath into the subject, and trap in it what ever...
Written by TF 30 May 2010 in Off-site Articles 26 Comments
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Yes sassafras you may. >>
? >>
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morons always laugh at me behind my back. >>
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First think, then speak. >>
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Look, you can either make a relevant contribution or leave me and b' art to converse in peace. I don't like insults at all. >>
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Yes, but isn't it also time that made it radical? A 'right of choice' in the time that history documents may not have been the accepted right, which made what it represented challenging to the status ... >>
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b'art apologies for the spelling mistakes they are genuine. >>
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