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2006_01_23_806450 Real Name: Thomas Newton
Member Since: 19 Oct 2005
Total Topics: 6
Total Comments: 50
Bio: Prepared to go it alone without gloves to get my right wing conservatism into the left leaning art world.

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Post-modern writing for the masses.

I came across this article in one of my daily ramblings through sites unknown and while it has little to do with art, as a form of humorous prose I thought that it would delight some of the bloggers he...
Written by Tattler 4 Dec 2007 in Off-site Articles 3 Comments

The comforting feeling of familiarity

Frostbite prevents the landscape artist from making a quick sketch, but undeterred, Sydney opens his utility belt and breaks out a digital camera!
Written by Tattler 29 Mar 2007 in Reviews 30 Comments

2005 Collection & "Stake"

It is not too often that I get the chance to see good, thoughtful art on a regular basis in Hawkes Bay. However, since the arrival of the Judith Anderson, I have been fortunate enough to chance my eye ...
Written by Tattler 9 Jan 2006 in Reviews 44 Comments

A Return to 1981

When an artist shows little or no progression over a period of almost 25 years, perhaps it is time to hang up their brush.
Written by Tattler 25 Dec 2005 in Reviews 6 Comments

Air New Zealand, Thunderbirds Are Go!

Far from being in a hospitable mood, today has found me in a somewhat destructive frame of mind. This is in due to a whole variety of things, not least the general liberal nature of this country’s me...
Written by Tattler 29 Nov 2005 in Rants 1 Comment

The Whiteboard Marker is Mightier than the Sword.

As with all good tales, this begins on a cold and not so stormy night. It was one of those witching hours when the dim orange glow of the university lights spill ever softly across . . .
Written by Tattler 18 Oct 2005 in Rants 30 Comments
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Fair enough John. Maybe I'm just a bit of a cock. But the art this blog tends to talk about falls into the commercial art category and hence I feel that my comments are fair. The art that you mention i... >>
Dear Bozoski, Art, regardless of whether or not it is good exists for two purposes in the cultural market. The first purpose is to quite simply make money for someone. The second instance is the impor... >>
Well, if the art school is running at a profit then I cannot complain. But for matters unclear to some, when I mentioned culturally negative art, a cleaner way of making my views clearer would be to sa... >>
Haven't been following this thread much at all, but considering things from my enlightened position here within the sewers of the Christchurch Cathedral I have to agree with the cuts. Ultimately the Un... >>
Regionalism grew out of the 1940s particularly amongst the Christchurch and Dunedin artists. Regionalists from this era include Rita Angus, Rata Lovell-Smith, Doris Lusk and Toss Wollaston (although h... >>
Mmmm, The Road of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom, in this case, an excess of Grill related merchandise. Capitalism, consumerism, para-grill-nalia, it's all far too much JH so I though I'd throw i... >>
reply to The Boys Club
The wall disks, to keep the toy theme, remind me of those nifty little retro spinning tops we all had growing up. Hail to the kid who had the version that lit up when it spun round (why was I so neglec... >>
Sorry guys, I was using poetic license. I believe that Sydney used his camera because his paints froze in the cold. I don’t think he came near frostbite, just gave me an excuse to use utility belt in... >>