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D.Mystifying D.Mitchell

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!? am i the only person in the country who has anything intelligent to say about this artwork? can nobody else be bothered? are all the thoughtful people just too shy? or did dane m...
Written by Sam I am 10 Sep 2009 in Rants 51 Comments

one small step for man...

eve: episode 1...
Written by Sam I am 19 Jan 2008 in Reviews 3 Comments


i've upgrading from rant to review...
Written by Sam I am 16 Jan 2008 in Rants 8 Comments
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gentry's best work... BY FAR. i get the feeling this is the kind of work he's been chasing all along. its got it all, including the essential dusting of the colonel's secret spice that makes all good a... >>
laharhaha >>
like, wow. >>
OMG! like, yuh-huh... >>
qb: i'm not sure i wholly agree but i think, for the first time ever, you have made a meaningful contribution to the artbash world. here hear. >>
JB: thanks for your reply. as you point out, i did indeed say that dane's work "only works , really works, if it wins". however, i went to considerable lengths to express that this is explic... >>
JB: did you even read this article? no one with half a brain would disagree with the cold specifics of what you have said - rubbish is certainly nothing new, but considerations of both novelty or trad... >>
mathew, from eyecontact: dane's instructions stated "the packaging from all other contestants". however, collateral as it existed last friday was made from only a small proportion of this. t... >>