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Profile for Robyn_e_K

robyn Real Name: Robyn E. Kenealy
Member Since: 5 Sep 2007
Total Topics: 2
Total Comments: 4
Website: www.myspace.com/roddysfilmcompanion
Bio: Robyn draws comics. She also studies geology, for some reason.

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Distinctions of 'Pwnership'

New photographs by Dra say goodbye to the golden years of Wellington stenciling.
Written by Robyn_e_K 26 Feb 2008 in Reviews 3 Comments

The Secret Life of Cream: Testpot: New Paintings by...

“Six sided shapes!” she exclaimed, with a drink in her hand, “my kind of hexagons!”
Written by Robyn_e_K 10 Oct 2007 in Reviews 2 Comments
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I very much agree with Roger and Marianne here. "Questionable moral and social character" is something of an empty category to begin with (the words mean nothing without some kind of barometer on whose... >>
reply to arlo edwards
Ah yes - just had a look and it's stencil with tag on top. Nice. Don't feel right about pinchingit though so I'll have to get on to some mates. >>
Are we able to our own BwO regardless of whether the forces we interact with are sold to us or not? I'm just thinking specifically with relation to Iggy's cutting - in that, even if he doesn't cut hims... >>
Yup, they're comming toot suite. >>