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Profile for Quint Baker

supa_frizz Real Name: Quint Baker
Member Since: 20 Jul 2009
Total Topics: 29
Total Comments: 719
Quint Baker's art: Quint Baker in the Artbash Store
Website: http://quintbaker.artbash.co.nz
Website: https://www.facebook.com/quintbaker
Bio: Favorite Quote; "Quint, take your show on the road, go to nz art conferences, artist talks.. keep dropping your skepticism like a turd in their drink.. Love IT.." Tao Wells

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This conversation may be of annoyance to some advertisers, they will say I'm a shameless self promoter, artists don't have that luxury, because artists do not exist. The industrial revolution has f****...
Written by Quint Baker 23 Dec 2016 in Art Theory and History

Industrialization Of Art

Industrialization Of Art Institution culture and the quest for the artworld to justify itself in the age of rationalism and excessive reason.
Written by Quint Baker 21 Oct 2015 in Art Theory and History


Writers And Rich People Alike... Grab Your Plane Tickets Now! Writers And Rich People Alike... Grab Your Plane Tickets Now! Writers And Rich People Alike... Grab Your Plane Tickets Now! Wri...
Written by Quint Baker 14 Dec 2012 in News 14 Comments

Funding My Existence

"We've spent enough time talking about futuristic visions of society. Some feel an urgent drive to manifest it in reality. It is time to enable those people by funding their existence, allowing them to...
Written by Quint Baker 4 Aug 2012 in Off-site Articles 1 Comment

The Young Warrior Is Lead Away By A Strange Psychic...

Material sustenance should support the artist's pursuit of vision rather than seduce the artist and by doing so control the whole direction of art universally.
Written by Quint Baker 20 Jul 2012 in Art Theory and History 9 Comments

william burroughs was another trustafarian

.                                                   wealth creates art..
Written by Quint Baker 9 Feb 2012 in Rants 43 Comments

Does this make sense?

The UBI would give an enormous boost to New Zealand art and culture. Why is the UBI not in place yet? Is the UBI a threat to the Government's anti-inflationary policies? Is the UBI considered too ...
Written by Quint Baker 11 Sep 2011 in Educational Presentations 9 Comments

For Starters:

It's important to be smart.
Written by Quint Baker 26 Jun 2011 in News 37 Comments
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