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Member Since: 23 Nov 2005
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League of Extraordinary Pretensions: Julia Morison ...

Alan Gibbs, the multi-millionaire tycoon art collector, said recently: “With good art, you don’t have to explain it”. Whatever the shortcomings of that statement, he obviously wasn’t thinking o...
Written by Pyrrho 1 Sep 2006 in Reviews 80 Comments

A triumph for the New Zealand art world

Forget et al. – she / he / it / they have been discussed ad nauseam already.
Written by Pyrrho 16 Aug 2006 in Rants 62 Comments
Newest Comment downtowngal

Art Critical Monopoly?

I am dismayed to see that Andrew Paul Wood is now reviewing for The Press as well as The Listener, Avenues, and no doubt other publications.
Written by Pyrrho 7 Dec 2005 in Rants 9 Comments
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Round and round we go looping the Artbash loop. I've been round the circuit several times already, and have now had more than enough of it. So best wishes to all of you, as I for one am about to jump ... >>
An "evisceration" is what Populuxe called it, not exactly "being tickled". (My entrails still seem to be in the same place as normal though, as far as I can tell.) Artbash is seriously high-minded ar... >>
The spirit of Artbash is ... "to engage in harsh, accusatory, threatening criticism," according to the About Artbash page. Which is what I did, or attempted to do, in writing the above review. "Harsh,... >>
Provoking discussion - absolutely! That's right, William Blake (or can I call you William for short, or Willy?): discussion is also what one hopes will follow from writing an art review, especially on... >>
Dog / god = Mor'ant / Mor'ison To quote Julia re her current show: "I particularly like the way it encourages people to make connections between things that are often opposed - the sacred and the prof... >>
The Da Vinci Code Excellent point Arthater (love your pseudonym!): I'm not sure it was a very smart move of APW to mention The Da Vinci Code in his review of Julia Morison's exhibition. Didn't he have... >>
What's happened to NY Arts Magazine? http://www.nyartsmagazine.com/ The link is now coming up with "page cannot be displayed". The fomer link to it on Morant's dealer's site (Alexis Internationa... >>
I'll drink to that! Thanks John. Yes, very nicely put. My faith in human nature has now been restored. >>