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august-1 Member Since: 2 Jun 2010
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Dick Prebble

I will try and find a new life as soon as you show me one
Written by Pre-Quinton era 2 Jun 2010 in Off-site Articles 17 Comments
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again I love it! >>
wow nice nice >>
I Love this pic very but I don't like the snarky "get" (this one) Oh well I will forgive you - like you care >>
reply to HIGH
I'm back I'm back >>
Quoting b'art Homme: Yep the boys need to search for their version... guerrilla handymen? There's something so unquestionable about the feral kntting thing... hurts no-one, is hardly a "destru... >>
A sportsman, and a fisherman and a milkman walk into a bar. The barman says "Look, is this the barbers?" >>
reply to WRATH OF GOD
"itty ritty" >>
reply to Dick Prebble
I want to be hardcore too >>