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Member Since: 9 Aug 2005
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Gordon Walters would be turning in his grave

In a relatively short space of time the Walters Prize "New Zealand's largest art award" has become largely irrlevant, if not entirely embarassing.
Written by Populuxe 15 May 2008 in Rants 44 Comments

My Xmas Gift to You

Three delightful "articles" on "art" from everyone's favourite parody newspaper the Onion - so true, so true.
Written by Populuxe 14 Dec 2007 in Art Theory and History 1 Comment


I'm still reeling from how 'gay' the design for the Art Trek brochures was - pink triangles on powder blue, and then you expect me to get into a cattle car without telling me where we are going...
Written by Populuxe 21 Nov 2007 in Reviews 9 Comments

Justin Paton to be new curator at CAG

I shamelessly lift the following from www.stuff.co.nz and hope Fairfak doesn't send me to the gas chambers: Paton new curator at gallery.
Written by Populuxe 14 Aug 2007 in Press Releases 23 Comments
Newest Comment hedwig

Distinct Lack of Gravitas

Populuxe - aka that art critic people most revile: Andrew Paul Wood - gets excited by Eddie Clemens' Centre of Gravity at The Physics Room (but then he would say that because he's the president of the ...
Written by Populuxe 28 Mar 2007 in Reviews 12 Comments

How to Become a Rich and Famous Painter in Ten Easy...

Here for free I reveal the coveted secrets of the financially successful painter.
Written by Populuxe 17 Oct 2006 in Educational Presentations 43 Comments

Look what I found at the Ray Hughes gallery in Sydn...

This guaranteed untouched woodcut print: Tony de Lautour, "artbash.co.nz" (2006) woodcut, 31 x 23 cm Price: $ 450 (GST inclusive) is in his exhibition at the Ray Hughes gallery in Sydney. How...
Written by Populuxe 26 Sep 2006 in Artbash 2 Comments

When Artworks Attack

People outside the art world have no appreciation of the dangers that we within it face every day. Our lives are constantly under threat from one art work or another.
Written by Populuxe 18 Aug 2006 in Educational Presentations 35 Comments
Newest Comment william blake
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Hye Rim Lee doesn't exactly make feminist work - more like an Uncle Tom without the culture aspirational qualities to qualify as kitsch. >>
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I'm actually envious I didn't write this LOL >>
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Things move faster than Auckla >>
I wouldn't dream of passing ju >>
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