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limn file at HSP

Australians infiltrate HSP with a particularly vacuous group exhibition.
Written by Peneloping 9 Aug 2007 in Reviews 42 Comments
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everything in the so called 'arts' pages apart from Mark's writing is insitutionally sponsored press releases which have been drilled through several communications people before coming out as a mash o... >>
"the kiwi art scene has had little use for French philosophy since the Rainbow Warrior" ai ai ai! Did you not exist in the 1980s/early 90s??? 'Sex and Sign', 'Language Matters', 'Word by Word', Wystan... >>
is APW's write up online anywhere? >>
when the grand 'world exhibitions' were held in ye ol' victorian times, most of the public went along to look at tractors and threshers rather than 'fine art'. much had been made of the the huge visito... >>
the best piece of writing in this journal is Jessie Borelle's subtle piece of ficto-criticism "The Eel". it is a simply story of a girl visited by her "childhood", which evolves into a meditation on me... >>
in the alternative photo you l >>
reply to what a whopper
nice picture for your floor ta >>
reply to what a whopper
did you care about the lighting more than the paintings? >>