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Member Since: 29 Jul 2006
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Len Lye - Zig Zag

There’s nothing more apt than a bit of Len Lye to wind up an arts festival in New Plymouth and to close this years Taranaki Festival of the Arts the honours were duly left...
Written by Paul Brobbel 18 Aug 2007 in Reviews 2 Comments

Effluent Rising - Matt Gillies

Governmental systems, their bureaucracies, absurdities and ultimately their stifling and suppressive nature are the concern as Gillies targets the responsiveness of public systems to political thought.
Written by Paul Brobbel 22 May 2007 in Reviews 30 Comments
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Great, although I reluctantly had my money on Reihana. >>
Vernon would be overkill for you by the sounds of it. If you've got the mad IT skills for it, stick with your own system. >>
The response was raptuous. I think it had a much more favourable reception than 'Len Songs' earlier in the Festival. (From what I've heard, I didn't make it to that so I can't compare). I don't think ... >>
Apologies.. That was a point I had hoped to make but I didn't have the details at hand. >>