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“strange tiny arms”

“Tiny Arm Gallagher“…
Written by Official_Artbash_Writer_Quint_Baker 27 Sep 2011 in Off-site Articles
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Oh no it's not free, I will have to give you a quote... >>
Let it be known if you are not suffering then you are no artist of mine. >>
reply to Exposure
Is this some sort of sick joke? >>
reply to What is Art?
WARNING ENEMIES DON'T READ THIS. I REPEAT DON'T READ THIS well mr m&m if that's you trying to go for my jugular, you are quite effective at being quite cutting and it's nice to see yo... >>
Quoting marcel.marceau: If your music is as good as your ideas, it will sound like a rubbish truck crashing into a swamp. Hmmm that sounds like the sort of music that would make Duchamp VERY ... >>
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Quoting marcel.marceau: you have no friends why is that? Ummm probably because I am a big goon tuna? >>
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Or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-Pop-Band/131772463540906 >>
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http://soundcloud.com/alienpopband >>
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