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Real Name: Nancy Sutherland
Member Since: 13 Aug 2006
Total Topics: 12
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Empirical ground wars

The 2008 Scape Christchurch Biennial was hot on art in landscape, and on subterfuge and surprise, and nipped at some of Christchurch's edges by means of this art. It spread art out democratically, from...
Written by nznancy 25 Oct 2008 in Artbash 9 Comments

Updike on art

I was transported and inspired by this interview, which came from its ways of referencing art and contexts, including some theory, and only a few aspects of which I have ever heard of or seen put toget...
Written by nznancy 11 Jun 2008 in Off-site Articles 11 Comments

Borrowed window

The small, crowded electrical and electronics repair, and secondhand TV shop on the corner of Westminster and Cranford is in a mixed part of St Albans. Opposite are the old-style corner butcher shop, t...
Written by nznancy 11 Oct 2007 in Reviews 4 Comments

Hammond lands

The show is big, spread over six open and connected rooms - well-interconnected rooms that is, except for one, missed on my first visit, that is a dead-end. It has 2 or 3 paintings each from 1993 and 1...
Written by nznancy 13 Aug 2007 in Reviews 79 Comments

Crunch, charcoal and ink

Three crunchy-textured white polystyrene floor works, or at least two of the three, are reminiscent of icebergs of course. The polystyrene is made fresh with white chains that I though were plasic, but...
Written by nznancy 15 Jun 2007 in Reviews 17 Comments

Geometric colour-play

Seven small – not quite tiny – framed works, which turn out to be digital prints. Some look like water colours, and seem to show layered paper or fine-card construction. In one is a line of tiny do...
Written by nznancy 15 Jun 2007 in Reviews 10 Comments

Soccer, socialism, ennui

This work is a film centred on a relic monument to the dead of Yugoslavia from World War II, which is in some seemingly remote rural part of Croatia. A car travels on a windy road in forested country,...
Written by nznancy 15 Jun 2007 in Reviews 2 Comments

Our Place, Otautahi style

The details, structure and variety of the garments is thoroughly absorbing, and following the fibres and gauging aspects of them as to their pliancy and size, and how they'd been handled is mesmerising...
Written by nznancy 23 Mar 2007 in Reviews 5 Comments
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The New Scientist review: I wonder is Dutton suggesting that (visual and conceptual) art operates in a realm of human action produced by imagination, and that in human evolution there was developed an ... >>
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Auguststoned, I don't know you, you don't know me, so who/what are you thinking about. By the way, Monument #19: Sexy beast (Callum Morton) out on Cashel St in Linwood is right near Re-public Park (ZUS... >>
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http://www.mladenbizumic.com/works/scape/scape.php?imagenum=3 I quite like this artist, maybe that's because I spent some time viewing a video by him locally and got some ideas about his work. An... >>
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This is increasingly difficult. But, to try to get on a positive note where something might be achieved in this thread, why do you defend perplexity regarding the 'last 30 years' and yet admit dispell... >>
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We (I) certainly don't want culture and sociology lectures from art, in case you were wondering. >>
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