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road works as ART, this is definitely not a paintin...

Ceci n'est pas a painting (If you say it in French it has more ...what was that thing is has? that certain I dont know what...) This on Overthenet.blogspot (care of NZ"s most influential animal art off...
Written by nosferatu 25 Apr 2008 in Off-site Articles 65 Comments
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oh dear. this question reminds me of a German artist on a residency who asked us to find her some refugee children for her art project. She seemed to think we might have a jar of them in the garde... >>
why not get started on that b'art Homme? if memory serves correctly the dairy industry and waikato art museum have significantly conjoined past history thanks to the bizarre way HCC re-interpreted the... >>
the fictional vampire league would like to post the following disclaimer after recent complaints: I didn't actually spit before, even though I turned my head so it wouldnt get on your shoes and every... >>
internet shminternet! making something arty from the "media formerly known as new" (as Sally McIntyre recently put it) does not seem to predispose any more interesting newness in art, intern... >>
  the plaster firewood looks somewhat like a sad rip off of Steve Carr's rather more sublime glass campfire (Sean Kerr + Steve Carr "Camp") and related works. the cardboard mountain a... >>
cold water also shrivels emotions. (except where t-shirts are concerned). I dont need  to inspect dags to get that experience, although I can see how that might work. here is one that flickers... >>
oh dear me. and goodness gracious too. I could have picked that someone is still learning about irony. But Im releived that the work is not in fact yours Madgie since I detest it so and you seem ve... >>
good grief...starting to suspect Madgie, are you talking about your own painting? pinnochio best quotable quote: " the wee lad cant run because he has no legs perhaps?" gold I dislike the title whic... >>