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IMG2081 Member Since: 29 Jan 2009
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Right Royal Rodgerings

Royal Family as a performance piece, commemorated on many plates.
Written by mr tourette 30 Mar 2011 in Practical Art 14 Comments


horses for courses and judges for nudges.
Written by mr tourette 4 Mar 2011 in Off-site Articles 9 Comments

its that time of the month again

why bother driving to Hamilton when we have Facebook?
Written by mr tourette 2 Jul 2010 in Off-site Articles 106 Comments

Celeb Interview

Bunrush has fallen on hard times and is working for an art magazine. Meanwhile Quintons career has risen like a yeast infection. Bunrush is given the job of interviewing the up and coming art star....
Written by mr tourette 10 May 2010 in Architecture 17 Comments

4th Auckland Triennial.

Up up up and away.
Written by mr tourette 7 Apr 2010 in Artbash 33 Comments

Aiming for the Bin

blue vein and/or. the.
Written by mr tourette 22 Mar 2010 in Questions & Answers 33 Comments
Newest Comment mr tourette

Oh jayzus you have to be joking; or NZ's worst ever...

come on gang,we all have an opinion, what is New Zealands worst art work. I don't mean popular culture I am talking about legitimized fine A rt. Come on Bashers get out your hammers and nail the sucker...
Written by mr tourette 8 Jun 2009 in Artbash 22 Comments

Back After All These Years

Message in a Bottle. Old school modern British abstractionist washes up on Muriwai beach.
Written by mr tourette 7 Mar 2009 in Reviews 24 Comments
Newest Comment moresoap
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