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Yes, some drawings look like they have been more consciously done. I think every series will show this to some degree, and things like that often stand out specifically in series too. An aim often orig... >>
No I mean it is possible to draw life, which doesn't really have a style. >>
That depends on who the drawer is. >>
I disagree. These works are stylized but from a purpose of origin that comes secondary to consciously doing it. I think it was a side effect that felt right at the time to add the location info, to avo... >>
I think you're just being silly. >>
'There's a serious belief in my work by me, and there's a serious intent to get what I think to be that honest account of what I see onto the page; and I feel that was moderately successful.' This d... >>
Yes it is an interesting point. I think there is much we could discuss about it, but without relying too much on the snags to come to it. Snags being a metaphoric way of saying that. Honesty in art, I ... >>
Ok. Drawing from life within the space you worked demonstrates what you saw at the time you were documenting. Now, by explaining the method you used to do this, you can easily slip out of a more hones... >>