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Real Name: Emily Clark
Member Since: 12 Sep 2006
Total Topics: 6
Total Comments: 26
Bio: At Massey University in Wellington doing further studies in Visual Culture studies.

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Lest we forget

We listen to tony blair on the radio. Sweet Silver tongue. the man who's journey is not to please all of the people all of the time. He who sees it "different" that israel has nuclear weapons while pal...
Written by mcc 12 Sep 2010 in Reviews

OMG the Drama of it all!!

As an immigrant with a love/hate relationship for the art of ‘memento mori’, “The Museum of Curious Intent” repels me and invites me to face my own demons. But I digress. This is a show about A...
Written by mcc 5 Oct 2008 in Reviews 6 Comments

Brand New Art

So with all this talk about name brands, and branded names - I thought I would take the opportunity to write about a show by two up and coming bright sparks of the Wellington Art Scene. Between the two...
Written by mcc 3 Nov 2006 in Reviews 4 Comments

Martin Thompson

For all those visiting the City Gallery in Wellington, who are not impressed with the overly manipulated photography of Sam Taylor Wood, try Thompson's show exhibited in the Hirschfeld Gallery, for man...
Written by mcc 1 Nov 2006 in Reviews 54 Comments

Let me start_

Let me just start by saying - if anybody wants a body of work.....be very aware thay you are looking at the work of Wanganui art school alumni as well as Mark Antony.
Written by mcc 12 Oct 2006 in Reviews 11 Comments

Un- remarkable

It's all about surface tension - I think......
Written by mcc 29 Sep 2006 in Reviews 16 Comments
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so, I can't actually be bothered to read all the blathering about TW, and it's much more fascinating to see the connections that people have made ...although if I can just say, what connections with TW... >>
reply to Art Aristocracy
Just breezing through some of the last comments, at Massey many MA's are teachers and not necessarily graduates from Massey, so maybe I'm thinking more difficult about the abroad thing. Nowhere I've be... >>
Well, Tangy - For what it's worth, I have some thoughts to share with you about MFAs. I'm at Massey, launching onto a PhD in Fine Art (welcome any thoughts about that one!) having done my BA in Cardiff... >>
Just because it's there, I'm going to mention my old Religious Studies teacher, who swore that Esperanto was the future, and insisted that we all learn it. I'd love to say that I remember it, but I don... >>
Hard as these questions are to answer - As individually pieces emerge with different qualities - I think I would have to fess up to being an editor of my own work, and appreciate the process in others... >>
OK - so... Bearing in mind what JH speaks about in terms of psychological issues involved here and inertia through over thinking, and the possibility of making - I wonder about how close is the analog... >>
Uhm....Sol Lewitt "Since the functions of conception and perception are contradictory (one pre- the other postfact) the artist would mitigate his idea by applying subjective judgement to it. If the ar... >>
Post Production Rationale John - very bold comments about rationalising process - so where does the editing process come in. I'm reminded of CT's comments in response to my admiration for time and lab... >>