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Heart-of-flowers Member Since: 22 Jan 2010
Total Topics: 2
Total Comments: 18
Lyn's art: Lynda Newman in the Artbash Store
Website: artbash.co.nz
Bio: I am an Artist, Graphic Designer, Journalist and Teacher. My interests include painting, photography and creative dance. I enjoy leading a healthy life-style and celebrate NZ native fauna and wild-life in my paintings.

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Environmental Vision

Lynda Newman, Painter together with Julian Ward, Photographer, and Kathy Lunzman, Sculptor, are exhibiting their work at the Inglewood Community Gallery (ie Fritz Reuter Gallery by the FunHo Toy Museum...
Written by Lyn 4 Dec 2011 in News 63 Comments

Art for Artist's Sake

I believe that most Artists begin to paint/sculpt/dance/sing/create music/act/take photographs/paint murals/explore cinematography/design/write novels/poetry...as an interest in self expression as...
Written by Lyn 4 Sep 2011 in Rants 3 Comments
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This painting is excellent - you have captured the tiger at a great moment! (You would do well marketing your work for reproduction with zoos world-wide.) >>
reply to Tiger
Beautiful portrait! >>
Classic use of colour and design in this NZ holiday inspired painting...it's excellent! >>
reply to rent a bach
This painting is amazing! Fantastic concept and wonderfully portraid. >>
reply to Power Bill
(I was on the Gold Coast recently and saw bats flying at dusk against a backdrop of stormy skys...this painting reminded me!) Great silouette of the tree and dynamics of flight in a sepia sky. >>
reply to Birds
This painting is exquisite! >>
reply to luminaria
Beautiful image! As if the leaves are caught in the wind and appear to dance...I like the pattern effect and tonal quality. >>
reply to Autumn #1
Very funky art! Would also look great in an engineering workshop...great colours, and humour. >>