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What is Art?

So i've been pondering the question; why art? What makes a person an artist, and why do artists do what they do? Or even more to the point, what is art?
Written by Khan.Daji 15 Sep 2011 in Art Theory and History 27 Comments


Are you a talented and gifted artist? Do your friends often say things like "you should start your own label," or "you're gonna be really big one day." So why is it that most of these talented and ...
Written by Khan.Daji 13 Sep 2011 in Online Artwork 8 Comments
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@ Quint - agreed. Well said. >>
reply to What is Art?
Lol who said anything about not suffering? Sounds like a dream. >>
reply to Exposure
Sounds like good exposure for now. I agree with Marcel. Worth a shot. Also, if you're interested in putting your designs on a T-Shirt check out www.iamart.co.nz >>
@ Quint. Glad to hear it worked ;). I guess your point of view is valid if you count success the enemy. It's a shame, you might enjoy being able to live off doing your passion one day. Guess you'll... >>
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Quoting Quint Baker: Wow I just finished putting all of your steps above in place and I can't believe it??? I'm now a millionaire yippee! Millionaires are so cool! And now I am one! Whoohoo! Tha... >>
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