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you are such reatrds? maggot fucking maggots.typical dirt scum. ITS IN YA BLOOD >>
Quoting benjamin: Unfortunately, one of the very worst 'reviews' I have ever read. A total waste of valuable time. It's hard to believe this person calls this a 'review'. With a history developing ... >>
Quoting mr tourette: Juzez Blake I think Kevin used to BE Mechelle, until he was hit by a piece of flying masonry. Now he's Kev, reliving the good old days of 2006, what a turkey. are you a born r... >>
Quoting william blake: 1. You have absolutely no idea about my form - if you did your comment would not have been so. 2. Is this some sort of warped Derridian misconstruction dragged fro... >>
Hi William Blake (not), Trolling? You have Harry Potter on the mind. I looked at the other two artists and for your info I don't have an ex, so get it right, William Blake (not). Kev >>
You must be an old man with one leg in the grave to be raving on like a lunatic. >>
 You really are something. >>
reply to WRATH OF GOD
One need not be, as you say, '...a bitter cuckold...' I am certainly entitled to my own opinion. It was not my cup of tea, however, I stand corrected in that it was not as I stated, '...the worst...'. ... >>