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The Cans Festival 2008

Initiated in typically guerilla fashion, the notorious British street artist Banksy staged the inaugural Cans festival for three days in London over the May Bank Holiday Weekend.  Held in the now-defu...
Written by jt 7 May 2008 in News 5 Comments

Scientific fact or science fiction?

Perhaps the 2007 exhibition programme at The Physics Room could be renamed The Scientific Series, if recent shows are anything to go by. Gerard Donaldson’s excellent recent offering, Siren, delved in...
Written by jt 19 Mar 2007 in Reviews 3 Comments

The Boys Club

Seriously unfunny...
Written by jt 25 Feb 2007 in Reviews 192 Comments

Looking forward to not looking back

There is no doubt that Pete Wheeler is a skilled painter, although past comparisons with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Leon Golub have been valid, and show a derivative streak that still pre...
Written by jt 14 Feb 2007 in Reviews 4 Comments

Siren's Call

The reason the siren slides is because it doesn't hit you...
Written by jt 13 Feb 2007 in Reviews 7 Comments

Zero Degrees Longitude

Following on from Clare Noonan's contribution to The Kiosk earlier this year, where she displayed a miniature replica lighthouse, which was by turns whimsical and then profoundly sad with each revoluti...
Written by jt 7 Sep 2006 in Reviews 7 Comments
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Some of us just lurk in the shadows, anonymously biding our time.... >>
That'd be the triple-z-grade masterpiece Troll, wouldn't it? Speaking of Mr King's celluloid horrors, I saw the start of a movie version of Desperation late at night on telly recently. It looked quite ... >>
On the 64zero3 website it states that their 64th, and final, show, '64' will run from 16th December to 14th February. Hope it's a good exhibition - this gallery will be sorely missed in Christchurch. >>
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Hey cadmium hed, that's an interesting story you mention about Banksy. I'm currently living in Hackney, East London, and Banksy's street art is pretty prolific around here, and there are... >>