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Member Since: 2 Dec 2005
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Apple ‘Abstracts’

It is extremely interesting in these current questioning times - when the notion of ‘site specificity’ is being loudly challenged by Miwon Kwon, Claire Doherty, James Meyer and others – to see th...
Written by John Hurrell 25 Oct 2007 in Reviews

Delights of the K’ Rd art strip

Let’s talk first about reading…When you notice them, the textual convention of footnotes can be a dilemma. Sometimes the annotated references in an essay are far more interesting than the carefully...
Written by John Hurrell 16 Oct 2007 in Reviews 23 Comments

Another approach to painting

The second instalment of PX is much closer to the first than what might have been anticipated, but with a very different focus. Here Jan Bryant has looked at tropes of painting rather than materialitie...
Written by John Hurrell 2 Oct 2007 in Reviews

Shapes of Things

Thornley's constructions consist of various interlocking pieces made of wood, each separate element covered with canvas, gessoed, painted and then assembled. A painstaking process for works that by the...
Written by John Hurrell 25 Sep 2007 in Reviews 3 Comments

Buttered Butts and Bits

Shepherd’s towering, revolving statue of a hetero couple ecstatically screwing, accompanied by lurid lighting and a disco soundtrack, makes a pithy comment about economy and repression. Shepherd’s ...
Written by John Hurrell 18 Sep 2007 in Reviews 4 Comments

Heaven's Security Service

Hamilton’s mini-gallery Ledge is found just around the corner from RAMP in Collingwood St, in the adjacent Media Arts foyer next door. It usually presents its exhibitions enclosed within a Perspex bo...
Written by John Hurrell 11 Sep 2007 in Reviews 2 Comments

Stacks Hung On the Walls

I’m very partial to Julian Dashper’s minimalist paintings, maybe his circular images more than the rectangular stretchers with stripes -although the four coloured, canvas work pictured here is part...
Written by John Hurrell 2 Sep 2007 in Reviews

Gallery As Forum

It is an exciting notion, the premise underpinning this exhibition, that painting perseveres despite its so-called political irrelevance. It shows no sign of disappearing, while continuing to unblushin...
Written by John Hurrell 2 Sep 2007 in Reviews 4 Comments
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Hi Mark I'm the map painter Artbasher told you about.I usually work with ways I've discovered of drawing using maps, and always with black paint only. As AB said above,I don't usually browse the store... >>
reply to This Is No Joke
Actually Dane Mitchell should have got $20,000. The other art award held in Hamilton in the Gardens every year has that amount, not $15,000, for prize money. He was robbed. >>
Early Cohen use of floor drawing robot was fantastic, but then the works became figurative and corny. He never got the machine to make colour decisions,either, I think? Such a shame. >>
Surely manual skill should not intrude on the ideas or raison d'etre of the work -assuming they exist. It should not be ostentatious or flashy, but be merely sufficient to do the job. Craft by itself, ... >>
Like yr comments above, TW. David is an inspired choice. Pure brilliance. She is forthright and clear about her view of things. Her visit cannot help but be immensely interesting. Despite the dreadful... >>
One might disagree with Catherine David's style of assembling exhibitions, but let's not get personal and racist. At least she puts her name next to what she believes, and doesn't pathetically hide beh... >>
Some grunty and eloquent turns of phrase, Flake. Best piece of writing you've done. I've no idea if it is accurate, but nice commentary. >>