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Member Since: 26 Oct 2007
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Le Petit Mort - HONEYBUNCH is DEAD

Written by Honeybunch 10 Jan 2008 in Artbash 14 Comments


Another incoherent communique from the front lines of madness, self-loathing and a call for repeated charges into the withering machinegun fire of high art making.
Written by Honeybunch 4 Jan 2008 in Educational Presentations 3 Comments

Cristina Popovici

Many a house in Merivale/Fendalton have large overpriced eyesores by Cristina Popovici.
Written by Honeybunch 17 Dec 2007 in Rants 12 Comments


Frankly Rick, I'm Shocked, to Discover that - Dealer Galleries Are Stores, Dealer Gallery Holiday Group Shows - Variety Stores, Clients - Customers, Dealers - Salespeople & Artworks - Consumer Products...
Written by Honeybunch 12 Dec 2007 in Art Theory and History 14 Comments

Why You Suck As An Artist

16 Subjective reasons why you suck as an artist
Written by Honeybunch 4 Dec 2007 in Educational Presentations 34 Comments

The Rise, Fall and Reverse Apotheosis of the Domest...

There follows, a disordered monologue, lacking in empathy, empiricism, factuality, restraint, historical perspective or measure - meant to confound, irritate, exasperate or bore its target audience of ...
Written by Honeybunch 27 Nov 2007 in Art Theory and History 42 Comments

He Said Better Than I Didn't - Or, A Picture is Wor...

A Review of Andre Hemer's Wicked Painting Show
Written by Honeybunch 14 Nov 2007 in Reviews 11 Comments

Pinocchio Rules at U of C

Pinocchio Rules at U of C
Written by Honeybunch 8 Nov 2007 in Art Theory and History 13 Comments
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Borders? >>
Just to show the art bash COMMUNITY (in memory of alibi) what a truly charitable giiiirrrrllll I am - why not take the 'reasonable' discussion, about the cuts at Ilam, onto John Hurrell's blog (harumph... >>
"- the uni should support" Should. Should. Should. Should. Should. The government should. Should. Should. Should. Should. When there was a chance to shout (and act as if) the University MUST, well ... >>
Read my nether lips Hurlster......there is no longer a SoFA Trust. There wasn't any (small t ) trust left. Rather there was a surfeit of mistrust, so the (big T) Trust folded up its tent and slipped aw... >>
Mr. Hurl-Chunks Esq. May I suggest that you (first and foremost) adjust your medication. Second, as per your earlier advice to me, read the thread before hurling. Third, read my sentence – “you are ... >>
More yawns and giggles from The hurlster. My informant(s) reliably tell me there is no viable "committee for that Trust". As for the persona grata APW, he's been ill-informed and ill used, in the past... >>
I feel I really must apologize to you all for my early morning (why am I awake) surliness - I'm still living with a SERIOUS Saturday night hangunder. The retreating German army is still marching throug... >>
With friends like the unsubstantiated rumour-monger Hurl who needs enemies? "Roy Sharp reveals himself to be uninformed -".....should read, 'Hurl-chunks reveals himself to be uninformed -.' Hurl-Chun... >>