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Articles about art

Articles about art should be about art.
Written by Formerly 10 Mar 2012 in Educational Presentations 26 Comments
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Why I dislike the idea that art should sell for cha...

Art is a mode of production that if it is good has been injected with the artists sole. Today I feel it is a collective expectation that artists who sell work should be donating some or all of their pr...
Written by Formerly 25 Aug 2011 in Rants 29 Comments
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There are bacon sandwiches and THEN there are bacon sandwiches. >>
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I think you are wrong. There is a recession but its complicated and nobody notices it. Although money is a part of it, it has less to do with money and more to do with a money trail. This determines th... >>
Quint, a self confessed societal actor is one thing, and giving into it is another. You need to seek a level stimulation to think without the 'quantum'. For your information it does exist, but it need... >>