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allblackwinz Member Since: 26 Jan 2006
Total Topics: 46
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Flake's art: Tao Wells in the Artbash Store
Website: http://www.wellsgroup.org
Bio: "the words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything" W.W

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Mr Andrew Wood, this months Art Hero Award, no shit...

this could be bias... as it's not my cup of tea. That doesn't stop me from having a dialogue with it , however. I work with what is.
Written by Flake 7 Mar 2012 in Rants

Chris Kraus speaking in Wellington, Oct 30

Written by Flake 10 Oct 2011 in News 1 Comment

How to make money from art.

Wells Group Presents: How To Make Money From Art Introduction (0-3m) Part 1: The Art School (3-15m) Part 2: The Bell Curve (16-20m) Part 3: The Vision (20-29m) A Lecture by Tao Wells Camera a...
Written by Flake 10 Sep 2011 in Artbash 13 Comments

Govett-Brewster RE instate The TARANAKI REVIEW Imme...

Let us examine the too clean.. They have done the work. THEY ARE ALWAYS DOING THE WORK>> LETS SEE IT Taranaki Review is an annual show that omits no one, and show all who want to be shown.. NOW PEople.
Written by Flake 30 Jan 2011 in Rants 11 Comments


Written by Flake 14 Dec 2010 in Practical Art 29 Comments

Classic Moments in Art Bash.

Brilliant: NO.1
Written by Flake 15 Jul 2010 in Art Theory and History

The Disertation, By Cambell Walker

"...has finally completed battling the forces of social welfare (If you're on a benefit, you should know they are tightening up by enforcing a kind of "work to rule" approach - yr case manager now has ...
Written by Flake 17 Jun 2010 in Publication Reviews 6 Comments

Free Store.

A view on Letting Spaces.. work Free Shop by Kim Paton.
Written by Flake 31 May 2010 in Architecture 9 Comments
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Happy to continue the discussion, only you need to offer more than that. looking at your other postings, I guess you've peaked >>
Oh i get it you're not buying.. and you'd like others not to, you part of the clergy, priest hood we've got here in NZ. the Academic mafia, Formerly? >>
nah you'r wrong, It is easy to go against the grain, I recommend an axe, great for kindling, i highly enjoy floating in a sea, I love even more Wild waves, I understand the currents, the rips and tid... >>
It's a controversy that some how caught my attention, oh banality. Like Myself, here is someone being a dick and being paid for it. NOthing new there. show biz. But lets look at the show biz differenc... >>
Look shut up. The man is getting paid, Alright. An Artist is making a dollar. Be quiet. >>
I'd rather see a stripped back GB, than see it dispeer >>
GOvett Brewster dies in shit fight over funding with city council who historically have to hate innovation and experimentation. Len Lye Foundation emerge victorious and replace GB with cultural tourism... >>