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Member Since: 30 Jul 2005
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why mark should write on walls

Using the large white wall as a blank endless canvas is in many ways what Mark does best. his gallumping figures, blasé alien life forms with puffed up cheeks, upside down spotted Super Mario mushroom...
Written by dollyhaze 14 Nov 2006 in Reviews 5 Comments

Rob Hood and The Resuscitation of Romance

Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky
Written by dollyhaze 29 Mar 2006 in Reviews 26 Comments

mad dance of screech owls, sharp pricking sauce of ...

Picasso show compared to Campbell Grant's previous show on Robert McLeod.
Written by dollyhaze 7 Dec 2005 in Reviews 2 Comments

Roger Mortimer Interview

I met Roger at his show “Supercover” at Brooke Gifford’s in Christchurch about a month ago. We went to the Dux for a couple of beers and spoke a little about his work. The conversation culminated...
Written by dollyhaze 17 Nov 2005 in Rants 4 Comments


I'm like a stepping razor Don't you watch my sides I'm dangerous, said I'm dangerous I'm like a stepping razor
Written by dollyhaze 22 Sep 2005 in Reviews 11 Comments

mark braunias

The opening was really fun but mostly, I really love what Mark Braunias did to the Smart gallery. Both rooms are filled with madness and color, like cartoon dreams from childhood.
Written by dollyhaze 23 Aug 2005 in Reviews 7 Comments

Bill Riley

I've never heard of Bill Riley before and the opening was sparsely attended, just about 15 of us and a help yourself wine table which was pleasant.
Written by dollyhaze 11 Aug 2005 in Reviews 9 Comments
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. artists are not obliged to say anything about their work. visual, literary, musical arts are open to limitless interpretation, the worst kind of art is art that is finite as it never lasts. >>
reply to Turgid Birds
gallery observation www.lunchbox.net.nz obviously what i think since i wrote it. >>
reply to Turgid Birds
the delight of reading i just wish more people would go up to the js gallery and read the narrative written and crossed out on the monomimes instead of make predictable assumptions about et al's work... >>
reply to Turgid Birds
these are the fragments i have shored the et al collective does not try and refute the past. l budd and b readymade in this show gathers up fragments from previous work and discusses the instablity o... >>
reply to Turgid Birds
ugh the et al collective should not be viewed in such 70s outdated victorian claptrap terms as "hysteric." startling vitrines that refer you into white blindness, pastel text that crosses you out r... >>
reply to Turgid Birds
riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus o A transference of the opening and the show into the vernacular. Yeah you got it, pattern recognitio... >>
Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the dear shannon spot on. lovely. dolly >>
giggle If he has such a monopoly, dude, than why wasn't he mentioned in Moore's top ten most influential people in the arts? Unless, he's like, art mafia or something ;) >>