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R-2006_02_04_890907 Real Name: Tomislav Krpan
Member Since: 31 Jan 2006
Total Topics: 1
Total Comments: 2
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Bio: Tomislav was born on 26 October 1952 in Virje, Croatia, living now in New Zealand as an immigrant since 1999. After completing high grammar school in Cro he was studying at School of Law in Zagreb and was a barrister in Cro with more than 20 years working experience. In New Zealand he started a new outstanding career doing some menial jobs then working at Air New Zealand as a driver with international flight pilots and now has own business driving his cab and achieving probably the top in the industry. Photography was always a part of his interest even from Primary school where he had opportunity to learn his first steps taking pictures and making prints in dark room and making short movies with 8 mm camera and after with super 8 mm and 16 mm. Tomislav believes that his digital work will open a side of his soul what he can’t express in other areas of activity and show how he enjoys everyday life and people around. Auckland, 4 of March 2007

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Old tree

Written by Croman 5 Dec 2014 in Online Artwork 2 Comments
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Nice work I like your motiffs Aaron. Very similar to mines. And it is amazing how we all see the world in different way. Thats so exciting in photography. All the best! Tomislav >>
reply to Forgotten ][
Good direction ... It is going very good I believe. I like it. Particularly last one Green ... >>
reply to Green Doors