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Member Since: 24 Apr 2007
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Playing Dress-Up

Bus #28 will take you through the tunnel and practically to the door of this fun show. Or you can drive. Either way, it's a good giggle and worth the trip.
Written by Creon Upton 14 May 2007 in Reviews 11 Comments

We all need Guidance

This is a really gratifying piece of bashful art, carefully considered and elegantly crafted; let's enjoy it for that....
Written by Creon Upton 1 May 2007 in Reviews 27 Comments
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Total immersion in a tub of hot-pink acrylic paint, with a note instructing Artbasher to exhibit your remains on the footpath outside 64zero3 -- a conceptual piece ironically addressing the much-herald... >>
Reply to Alibi: "whether he has a thick skin or not is irrelevant to the point I was making." I wasn't talking about any point you were making. I was simply intrigued by what seemed to me a leaping-t... >>
Whoops. Usedit's already sedit. >>
Alibi, Sooty: I really hope John is big enough to cope with a bit of criticism, anonymous or not. You feel like championing him, Sooty, simply because he's being attacked when he's consciously making ... >>
And there I go: "you're" instead of "your". Thankfully, of course, Artbasher will dutifully trash these shamefully off-topic posts, so my illiteracy may be concealed from easily-confused minds and the... >>
Actually, Portnoy, you're complaint about usedit's "sic" is misguided. Usedit was referring to CNZ (the body) being treated as a plural, rather than as a singular, which would have required the third-p... >>
nzn: yes, fair point. Though generally if I'm going to write something I tend to just go with the first thing that strikes me and see where it takes me. When I've only got four hundred words to play wi... >>
He means that JH wasn't saying to CNZ "Hey look, I've been doing all this great writing and now this AB guy is blocking it and starving the public of my voice, so I need a new place to write." He'd mad... >>