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CJEdmonds's art: Cj Edmonds in the Artbash Store
Website: http://cjedmonds.artbash.co.nz
Bio: My work is part therapy, part daydream and part playtime. I love to splash paint, spill it, scribble and draw. I studied Art at Dunedin College of Education and Visual Arts at Otago Polytechnic Art School. Now I paint full time. 20 per cent of sale price will be donated to Otago Community Hospice.

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Can I live on art alone?

So it has become increasingly difficult to pull myself away from painting and after discussion with my partner, I have decided I will no longer fight it and will focus solely on my work.  My inner...
Written by CJEdmonds 24 Aug 2014 in Rants 2 Comments
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Thanks Monkey. That is the perfect honest answer..I appreciate your response. .I have had success in solo exhibitions and cafe exhibitions. So I will keep battling on. I have tried but I can't silence... >>