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Member Since: 10 Oct 2007
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RADIO FREE ILAM SIGNING OFF As of this posting Radio Free Ilam ( namely me ) is leaving the air for good. I’d like to thank Artbasher for graciously hosting (and not flaming) the thread about the deb...
Written by bozoski 24 Oct 2007 in Educational Presentations 2 Comments

Ilam School of Fine Arts – BLOODLETTING

Ilam School of Fine Arts – BLOODLETTING Before, During, and After SFA’s 125th Year Celebrations at The Christchurch Art Gallery.
Written by bozoski 10 Oct 2007 in Rants 216 Comments
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William First let me address your ad-hominem(s) Angst A-N-G-S-T Angst. I've got angst - but it ain't adolescent, beleive you me. 'its all so fucked, poor me' ....not me but you) aping, Bil-ly Boy, I'v... >>
Willie, you're all wet. Willy .B more than .5 sculptors were lost. 1. Painter went down the gurgler as well. .5 sculptors already disappeared down an admin shite-hole last year. Half of Ilam's operati... >>
Chris Taylor Thanks for the encouragement - I'll pass it on to my friends at Ilam. The head dead reportedly said that the Uni. would not be appreciably affected by the loss of the school and ( through... >>
Oh and, Chris Taylor....your club-footed-specially-fitted-orthopedic-shoe-irony is duly noted. I would suggest YOU as a perfect (armchair) revolutionary leader - since you proclaim(presciently) what's... >>
Sorry. Bone f-----g tired. >>
Apologies to Mark Hummel Yeah when we first met – I thought we were meant to be But it didn’t take long – for me to see When you told me baby – you had a backup plan Then you lost a good man ... >>
AV Your last point well taken. And I am sure your vocal ( and otherwise ) support is deeply appreciated. If you are a Jew ( please, please, please, pretty please) encourage your kinsmen to emigrate to... >>
Cadmium Hed I LIKE your post. While communicated in a surrealistic cut-and-paste flow-of-consciousness young-bloke sort of way it's pretty much an accurate exegesis of things-as-they are. In fact a mon... >>