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Fina Arts at UC

Written by Been 12 Dec 2010 in Off-site Articles 15 Comments

Scape Presentation: Out of Place: Contemporary Mode...

The panelists were guided by Justin’s questions, in a conversation that ranged from the profoundness of some of the SCAPE Artist’s specific works to public ephemeral sculpture in general.&n...
Written by Been 30 Sep 2008 in Reviews 2 Comments

The Sky is Blooming

With the lights off, it takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust. Nine round circles of brightness are projected strait down onto the floor from black boxes suspended above. The soundless colourful ...
Written by Been 12 Sep 2008 in Reviews 8 Comments
Newest Comment william blake

For example: Matt Akehurst’s sculpture (title unk...

An eye-height, floor-standing structure. Dimensions approximate 1600x1000x400. All naturally surfaced timber/plywood base table- between four squarebar pine legs sits a thick platform at floor level, a...
Written by Been 4 Sep 2008 in Reviews 2 Comments