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The Improbability of Life in the Mind of Someone Dy...

Roger Boyce is as old as dirt. Thus raising the question has New Zealand and Christchurch in particular become a sort of elephant’s burial ground for the international cultural/intellectual set?
Written by babelicious 13 Mar 2008 in Art Theory and History 93 Comments
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Cheryl Bernstein >>
FYI Brian Butler is both Di >>
Andrew's piece about H-O in the Listener is a fucking brilliant bit of writing. Paul Wood deserves a bigger forum for his maturing craft and eye. >>
Pinche! >>
Will the filmmaker be present for the second Christchurch screening? >>
Max darling Another attempt by a Christchurchian cold-water classic to suss out my true identity? A hole in one's hat - unless wearing a high-crowned chapeau - means a small entry and large exit wound... >>
H-O was in Christchurch for much of his NZ stay. Perhaps that may account for his we are like minor league poms? >>
The last infamous book about us, from an outside observer of kiwikultur (written by a visiting pom) was that we are a nation of emotional autistics. The english auslander (10 years?) before the latest ... >>