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bert Member Since: 1 Jun 2010
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and the winner is....

Quint Baker.
Written by b'ert Homme 23 Aug 2010 in Architecture 23 Comments
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suggested title and theme for next Auckland Trienalle
Written by b'ert Homme 4 Aug 2010 in Artbash 10 Comments


6 I am Barty, who brought you out of the land of the Phillistine, out of the house of slavery;
Written by b'ert Homme 2 Jun 2010 in Educational Presentations 11 Comments
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You Art Not Listening

Me and Lee have been negotiating and we have come up with a pretty good package. We have secured sponsorship for the new web site, from an English firm with a really goos corporate fit so there will be...
Written by b'ert Homme 1 Jun 2010 in Architecture 54 Comments
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@Monkey; just rinse your pelt a shade of violet and splash on some lavender water and you should be Jake. >>
Extract from the editorial at; 'The Giardian' 1/04/2011 Let's face it: the current crop of world leaders is far from inspiring. Across the Arab world, dictators battle their own people; at home, attit... >>
Which makes me think that the third reich can offer something, in the way of a flag, to the new Republic of N(at)ew Z(i)ld. Ltd.   ..but i'm not sure how this fits with the ACT parties "... >>
Ms Toot here are some natzied up Windsors and further sartorial advice. >>
" what on earth is that" >>
you are in trouble now ben... >>
since we have gone national my gran has a message...   "be prepared." (gran) >>
...look out! >>