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Profile for b'art Homme

Copy-of-DSC03276-1 Real Name: Barry Thomas
Member Since: 22 May 2010
Total Topics: 12
Total Comments: 207
b'art Homme's art: Barry Thomas in the Artbash Store
Website: http://feralist.blogspot.co.nz/
Bio: Well I have made art and films since about 1971 - (started young)

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Newest Conversations

Slow memes - Te Papa buys cabbages as art

Te Papa pay more for cabbages than for a Billy Apple...
Written by b'art Homme 12 Oct 2012 in Art Theory and History 2 Comments

Kerfuffle at Duchamp opening - art bundled out of o...

Duchamp show opening stirred by art intervention that Duchamp would have loved. Too close for "comfort" for the academy.
Written by b'art Homme 28 Jul 2012 in Art Theory and History 1 Comment

Lookin back seeing forward

Old art archived - just wanting to muse over the old art I have made - to store it somewhere other than dusty moldy garages and cupboards.
Written by b'art Homme 15 Jul 2012 in Art Theory and History 10 Comments
Newest Comment Airy.Fairy

Silly silly Wellywooden

Ok, so we all now know how silly large, expensive signs affirming someone's, some corporate vested interests can be... welcome to wellywood.
Written by b'art Homme 25 May 2011 in Rants 1 Comment

Bums on seats Hobbit - please don't call it art

Sir Richard Taylor calls his work art - yeah right
Written by b'art Homme 31 Oct 2010 in Art Theory and History 9 Comments

Creative Capital Council evicts artist whose art wa...

Only nice art in the "Creative Capital" please or we will turf you out of your home... yeah right. If you think art is about truth, stimulation, challenging the status quo, moving culture along, reflec...
Written by b'art Homme 14 Oct 2010 in Art Theory and History 12 Comments


After a century of art going down the dunny (almost literally) and science running the show I think artists need to regain a social connection especially with the idea that we can re-position our volit...
Written by b'art Homme 28 Jul 2010 in Art Theory and History 30 Comments

Time for art to act - Charles puts up a world view

Prince Charles speaks - Environment, soul, overpopulation, consumerism... what else is art about?
Written by b'art Homme 13 Jun 2010 in Art Theory and History 42 Comments
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artists... http://blog.tepapa.govt.nz/2012/11/02/vacant-lot-of-cabbages-documentation-enters-te-papas-archives/#comment-25091 >>
jeeze that b'art homme - heeeeez soooooooo norty >>
No space is neutral - surely airy - I mean any gallery is a gateway nay? controlled by something - tainted. Art bash is probably the nearest thing to open access free for all so to speak - To consi... >>
Why are you unkeen to look at a blog and comment I wonder? Yes I recall not finishing the (his) right eye. Ran out of time. The one eyed Evan Webb :-) >>
Oh I drew this when I was about 22 yrs. old. I am collecting my archives on my blog spot which is shown above. So - no meaning other than to sit and spend more than a day drawing an old friend. Evan is... >>
I made a film in about 2001 in manchester - it was a commission to document a large arts festival spread all over the city - over 2 months I think it was - I said I would come up from london regularly ... >>
reply to What is Art?
Wow that looks good - even if I do say so myself - now to find Evan and see if he hates it!!! Just noticed - the pic is supposed to have a caption... Evan Webb c.1975 at Ilam School of Fine Art. CHCH.... >>
In 2002 I made a film expressly asking the question of many,many attendees and artists involved in a very large art p[roject in manchester... WOHT EEES ART? - my film - simply logs the great array of o... >>
reply to What is Art?