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machiavelli-1 Real Name: Richard Marcopolis
Member Since: 19 Jan 2009
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The God Show - Made Out of Meat.

Made Out of Meat. God as the ultimate auteur.
Written by AttaboyFatboy 5 Feb 2009 in Educational Presentations 28 Comments

Me on Esther Schukard's Art

Me Richatd Marcopolis writing my first review. This one is about Esther Schukard . If you like this one I might try again.
Written by AttaboyFatboy 24 Jan 2009 in Reviews 40 Comments

Me on Art

Why I like and buy art and what happend when I do.
Written by AttaboyFatboy 20 Jan 2009 in Art Theory and History 8 Comments
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Here's my absolute last word on the subject and then I'm off to have myself euthanized by a competent professional. Bye everybody. >>
Ah, intellectual debate about an unread book. No fan of Dutton but if I had anything to contribute it would be AFTER I read the book. >>
"Zoinks Scoob, we are out of Tasquin Snacks!" >>
Cadmium hed You hit the button on the hed. With all great artworks"The made outdo(es) the maker,". Q. "-why the fuck are these on here anyway!" A. God made 'em I played 'em. I'm a collector. I coll... >>
Tasquin Who is augustones? Where is the quote "And I could of been a successful artist, if it hadn't been for you pesky teenagers" from? And you're pretty Cock-E for a carbon-based life form. Silver... >>
Tasquin This is a historical survey exhibition and not meant to be faux-up-to-the-minute like your old-news gay-kitsch profile cock-tease shots. May I suggest a full-spectrum STD survey for you and an... >>
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