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Lee-looking-profound-1 Real Name: Lee Cunliffe
Member Since: 12 Feb 2005
Total Topics: 137
Total Comments: 705
Artbasher's art: Lee Cunliffe in the Artbash Store
Website: http://leecunliffe.artbash.co.nz
Bio: General art-god, editor, creator and owner of Artbash.co.nz

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Rob Hood and Peter Trevelyan Rule

Trevelyan's work is fucking awesome. It's super delicate, constructed from mechanical pencil leads. The mechanical pencil is a modern invention, but seems ridiculously quaint in the age...
Written by Artbasher 19 Jan 2012 in Reviews 22 Comments

Police Stencil Ads in Chch get Graffitied.

You can paint but we can't
Written by Artbasher 18 Jan 2012 in News 27 Comments
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New Gallery / Studio Space in Christhchurch

Ron Mottram and Warren Feeney are establishing a gallery/studio on Moorehouse Ave and are looking for artists.
Written by Artbasher 4 Jul 2011 in Press Releases

Found Art: Wrapped Earthquake Trees

Some cool stuff is cropping up around Christchurch on fences and around damaged buildings. Somewhat literally like bandages, but hey, I like it
Written by Artbasher 24 Apr 2011 in Practical Art 6 Comments

System Upgrade

I've just made some major changes to Artbash behind the scenes. There are also some minor ones that you will notice.
Written by Artbasher 23 Apr 2011 in Artbash 8 Comments

China disappears famous artist

WTF? Haven't they heard of the Streisand Effect ? "The internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been missing for more than 24 hours after being detained at Beijing airport. The artist wa...
Written by Artbasher 6 Apr 2011 in Off-site Articles 13 Comments

Exhibition for Christchurch residential artists

As so many Christchurch artists have lost their studios and exhibition spaces, Arts Canterbury Inc. is arranging an exhibition at the George Hotel, Park Avenue, during the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 May....
Written by Artbasher 5 Apr 2011 in Press Releases 3 Comments

Volume 31 of The Journal of New Zealand Art History

Hello! This is to let you know that Volume 31 of The Journal of New Zealand Art History has recently been published. The editors are pleased with this new issue, and invite you to see the attached info...
Written by Artbasher 10 Jan 2011 in Press Releases
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OK, think I've found and fixed the problem. Please let me know about any other problems you encounter. Email me lee at this site's domain name. >>
Key West? You've been travelling? >>
Loved D'jango. Love your materials list too. >>
reply to CUTS
Who won? >>
More pics please? >>
Love the fight between the fore and background. The white wrapped cables especially pop out at me. >>
Iain, very late reply. Did you ever figure it out? If not, check this out: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=d&tbs=simg:CAESXxpdCxCo1NgEGgIICAwLELCMpwgaNgo0CAESDqwEqQSwBO4F6QWKBcAEGiD0igdKmpXF... >>
Late reply, but you don't have any pictures of your mushroom and penis works you'd like to share? >>