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A milkman came late to the market and didn't know where he should park it. But he didn't dismay on that very same day, he was offered a job selling carpet. >>
A great river split sideways and changed its measured flow. Upon two banks therein a bridge was sure to go. Astray it was not big enough to link all arms together, yet as it reached (right across... >>
A plot is like a plot planted to live its days in damp brown soil. The sun keeps the plot planted, like the eyes of a hawk that watches as a hare hops down the middle. >>
You would better understand why it doesn't bother me to say what I mean. >>
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Go Quint, I bet you know the answer to marcels question ;) >>
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This is more about contrast then it is about romance, as it becomes more useful from a distance. >>
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Hmmmmm >>
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I'm not sure if all of the artists mentioned in that article would identify with the word postmodernism. Unless postmodernism is a signifier of a time only. One thing is certain, is that it has a lot ... >>
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