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Real Name: Ali Bramwell
Member Since: 9 Oct 2006
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on losing the right to complain

When I was a whippersnapper (last week) those who were adult at the time would speak nostalgically about the revolutionary fervor of the sixties and seventies. Whatever happened to all those passionate...
Written by alibi 16 Dec 2007 in Rants 6 Comments

Dont do it Bruno...

I have to say I like a bit of a barney as much as the next person, and Ive always quite liked the snippy exchanges in artbash. I like colorful language and a bit of passion, a bit of swearing now and t...
Written by alibi 21 Nov 2007 in Rants 7 Comments

Dunedin Beautification Project

I was sitting in a suburban bus shelter some weeks ago, doing what you do while waiting for a bus, sitting and waiting. The mutual sitting and waiting provided the opportunity for a conversation with a...
Written by alibi 27 Mar 2007 in Reviews 15 Comments
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Richard Marcopolis, whomever you are, google is your friend >>
reply to So bad it Hurts
I would hope that if people like art they will buy it and if they dont they wont. AttaboyFatboy I cant decide if you are serious or not. Artbash is a place of endless mischief and make-beleive (someth... >>
reply to So bad it Hurts
Its nice of you to give me permission to make art AttaboyFatboy. and its terrible that I just cant seem to be nice all the time. Im probably just not a nice girl and someone ought to learn me better. ... >>
reply to So bad it Hurts
how funny. I dont really see anything wrong with women making art either, so long as the chores still get done. snort. >>
reply to So bad it Hurts
Im not sleepy either and you are still preaching to the choir. In answer to your overreading of how I used the word 'reaction' : one method of making an argument is to present the opposing view a... >>
reply to Something new
thanks for the good information one hit wonder. do you know what constitutes 'fair use' of images in NZ? is this confined to education? >>
Hmmmn. try reading the rest of the sentence that the phrase 'eye for an eye' appears in before you blow a gasket at me Mathew me young mucker. I was arguing with you you dumb schmuck not against you. B... >>
reply to Something new
ciao Benjamin, thanks and hope your new year is so far happy I do lurk here from time to time, moved to comment when someone says something interesting. I find Matthews stance, if somewhat naive (sorr... >>
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