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Terry's mirror n. 29, acrylic on wood

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Wood table dimensions cm. 46 x 60 x 1,4 with mirror  dimensions cm. 18 x 26.

Exclusive and recognizable creation ,entirely hand made with so much care and passion to furnish your house with style and originality. The “ Terry ’s Mirrors “  are by Teresa Suardi

The frame that comes to create is stuccoed  (acrylic chalk) in more resumptions to eliminate the gradient between wood and glass

Painted with acrylic colors,  edge of cm. 1,4 included

Protective base water’s varnish.

Ready to hang it  with non visible hook, in vertical or in horizontal position


 Other characteristics , equal for all of my creations, are brought in my profile

wood, mirror, glue, plaster, acrylic colors, protective varnish, cm. 46 x 60 x 1,4

€310 EUR
Approximately $337

Listed 6 Dec 2016
$11 shipping within Italy
World-wide shipping for an exta $54

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