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La Crise Actuelle (The Current Crisis)

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This painting is inspired by street graffiti I saw during a trip to Paris, France 2011
I wanted to enhance the environment in the painting to emphasise and add to the ideas of the anonymous voice from the street. This painting addresses over-consumption of resources and the oily smudge on the asphalt relates to oil pollution and environment with the autumn leaves on the ground. It also addresses the wasteful use of resources to the detriment of our environment and  the current world economic crisis.

Graffiti is by nature transient and this stencil has since been destroyed by the European weather. I have attempted to extend the life of the message by changing the context, moving it from the street setting, cross pollinating ideas and allowing it to live on through a painting on canvas.

The voice of the street artist is both one of warning and hope and can tell us much about the society we live in—it is up to us to listen.

Acrylic on Canvas, 36 ins x 24 ins

$1,400 NZD
Approximately $1,021

Listed 12 Oct 2012
Free shipping within New Zealand

Tags: Painting

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