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End of Cuba St

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From 'Transient City Exhibition' held at The New Zealand Academy of Fine Art (Solo 28). The Exhibition featured personal interpretations of Wellington produced in a stylized way. "I am attempting to show our city as a place of change where people move in and out of the space. Wellington being a port, our space is always in a state of flux... Our space is influenced by economic and political climate as much as the weather or the light alters our view of the city. Everything is connected—”nothing is separate. The background is a part of the subject and as a viewer—”the city also becomes part of us."

I am continually building this series about our changing cityscapes.
The paintings are sold as cards at "Unity Books, The National Library of NZ and The NZ Academy of Fine Arts.
High quality prints are available from Kiwi Art House in Wellington.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30 ins x 20 ins

Not for sale

Listed 1 Sep 2010

Tags: Painting

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