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Matthew ellliot miller (born England 1981-) is a British artist who lives reclusively on the south coast of England.


A painter primarily, working majoritively with oil on canvas most often in a relatively large scale pieces.


Making use of a spectrum of techniques and methods from the fine delicate glazes of master painting to the rugged brutal method employed in anarchic street art stencilling.


With a post modern tendancy toward in-continuity of subject matter. Matthews work could be regarded as dark and dynamic art, loaded with vicious contempory cynicism displaying a constant sphere of duality and seemingly conflicting notions. Commited in style with untamed brutal ferility full of actionised energy, often aggressive and threatening with an evident commonality with ancient artworks, sharing that same potent pungent and powerful presence that captures the viewer and draws them into the work capturing their attention and engaging with them.


A always exploratitive complex intricate random fractal of opposing ideas, violent and beautiful calculated and impulsive with all the obsurdity and randomness of things we come to find true. Presented with a detached coolness and deep philosophical seriousness but with underlying nonsensical irrational whimsy, like a cold scientific report ending with a snappy enthusiastic show tune.


Enigmatic, potent work the kind that sets off a collection. So rare its almost unbelievable. Original authenticated investment artworks offered here at incredibly reasonable prices.


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a  original painting


oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

measuring 123cm x 59.5cm x3.5cm

by the artist matthew elliot miller


made in england

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oil , acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 123cm x59.5cm x 3.5

£9,000 GBP
Approximately $12,549

Listed 31 Aug 2017
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Tags: Spirit Religion Fudo

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