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Tropical Horrison

p8310034 Store > Isaac Opoku Badu

Tropical Horrison is the painting i love, the the sun is going down and all the houses and the trees are shodwo in the water. Which make the painting powerful.


This work is unframed and it will be shipped in a secure tube.

Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 24 in


Listed 8 Sep 2015
Free shipping within Ghana
World-wide shipping for an exta $80

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5 comments since 9 Sep 2015
Nice painting, this is a beautiful and attractive painting. The artist is using good color combination and technique in this painting. for more information you can visit:
1 comment since 10 Sep 2015

The painting shown above is amazing. The flow and mixture of colors is fantastic. While searching on Google, I came across a website i.e. With the help of this website, I found an art museum which consist of beautiful artwork and paintings.

1 comment since 27 Oct 2015
The above painting looks very nice. Last week, I purchase a painting and gift from India Gift website which has an amazing collection of artworks.
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