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Otara at night

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For sale by Pascal Bridger

Still prints taken from digital loop

Title: Otara at Night

Date: 2011

Format: 02:00 HD Digital Loop


Occupying the Fair Mall stage, in Otara, late at night.  Otara at Night is part of a series of video works shot in South Auckland spaces, influenced by dance.  Dancehall refers to a genre of music that originates from Jamaica, but it is also a term that indicates an entire culture in which music, dance, fashion and community collide.  For example the more flamboyant and dexterous a dancehall queen’s performance the more she is able to represent her hood at a “Sound Clash”  event.  Social and political change is the platform from which dancehall culture evolved; a change in politics from Manley’s PNP to Seaga’s JLP created shifts in the local economic structure of Jamaica.  This movement allowed people to start advancing out of the confines of their previously prescribed socioeconomic status.  Again the aforementioned dancehall queen can maintain her own beauty business during the week and perform at the “Sound Clash” on the weekend, dressed in the full dancehall regalia that her small business finances.  In this moving image work we watch a South Auckland queen take Otara as her stage to perform her nocturnal dance.  This video work is intended as a celebration of dancehall and the reinterpretation of culture through site.



Video by: Rebecca Ann Hobbs  

Dancer: Amelia Lynch

With Help From: Tanu Gago, Leilani Kake, Graeme Marshall and Ema Tavola.



Still prints, framed, 210mm x 297mm

$150 NZD
Approximately $110

Listed 3 Nov 2016
$7 shipping within New Zealand
World-wide shipping for an exta $11

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