Create a website as an artist or gallery and sell or exhibit your art online using Artbash

Create a presence and sell your art on the internet.

Artbash is an easy and free way for artists and art galleries of all types to create an artist website and sell art online.

As more people research artists and shop for art online, it is important for every artist to have a website where they can exhibit art online. Artbash allows you to create your own web pages where you can upload pictures of your artworks and information to create a virtual online art gallery. You can also receive secure credit card payment for works that you sell.

We welcome all artists who wish to expand their reach through the internet to the rest of the world.

Key features
  • Ideal for either artists or art galleries to create and maintain a website.
  • Easily create pages on your site for artists, artworks, exhibitions, events, news and just about any thing else you might want.
  • Free express URL:
  • Use your own domain name for the site you create using Artbash, eg
  • Quick, easy and free online signup. There are no monthly or start-up fees. It's free to create your website using Artbash!
  • Include your artworks for sale or exhibition in the Artbash Store. We charge a small 5% commission if customers buy your work in the Artbash Store using our shopping cart.
  • Traffic information - find out how many people are visiting your website.
  • Do you Want to create an artist portfolio website and exhibit your art rather than sell it online? You can do that too. Selling your artwork on Artbash is purely optional. You can create almost any kind of artist or art gallery website using our content management system.
Three easy steps
  1. Join Artbash
  2. Create your website
  3. Upload artworks

Example Site
Lee Cunliffe

Example pages
Screen Shots