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Artbash makes it easy (and free) to create a website if you are an artist or an art gallery.

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About Artbash


n. Slang.

        A celebration; a party.

v. intr. Informal

       To engage in harsh, accusatory, threatening criticism.


Artbash.co.nz is a resource and forum for the New Zealand art-scene. Our purpose is to create something awesome for everyone involved or interested in the visual arts here.

Feel free to add your comments to reviews and articles in the forums. Don't forget to check out the store where artbash members sell their wicked art. If you join, you can even create your own page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can't work out how to post my review / upload pictures for my review.
A. 1. First add the event if it hasn't been added already. Navigate Admin > Forum > Add Event.
2. Navigate to the appropriate event and click the "Review this Event" Link towards the bottom. 3. If you're still having trouble, email us describing the problem and any error messages you encountered. 4. All else failing, email the review and pictures.
Q. How do I add my gallery to Artbash?
A. Join, then go to the Add Gallery page. Your gallery won't show up anywhere until you add some exhibitions for it.
Q. If one comes across something on Artbash that is completely erroneous how is it possible to remedy the error without appearing to have taken a 'cheap shot'?
A. Contact us as above and we will fix it. Please indicate if you mind us publishing your name. We will never publish your email address.
Q. I'm having trouble contacting you.
A. Email the above address.
Q. Something isn't working right on Artbash / I'm getting 501 errors.
A. If the problem persists, let us know as above.
Q. Does Artbash receive any public funding?
A. No.
Q. Do you put links to other websites on your website?
A. Yes. You can get a link to your site in several ways.
1. Join and post in the forum. You can create a link to your site on your forum profile page.
2. Join, then Create a page in the Artbash store. On your page, you can create a link to your site.
3. If your website is for an art gallery, add your gallery to Artbash. Enter your website URL in the appropriate field. Once you add some shows, your gallery page will appear with a link to your gallery webite.
4. Ply us with drugs and/or alcohol.
5. Offer us some money. Lots and lots of money.