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Rob Hood and Peter Trevelyan Rule

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Robert Hood and Peter Trevelyan at City Gallery Wellington
26 Nov 2011 - 12 Feb 2012

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Quint Baker
29 articles & 724 comments since 20 Jul 2009
Wow you replied so early in the morning... What are you a security guard?
Yes. I think about everything. And of course I came to the natural conclusion that materialism and greed IS 'Good'. You would have to be retarded to think otherwise?
2 articles & 154 comments since 8 Aug 2011
Personally I think art lends itself well to better understand 'Good'. 'Materialism and greed' are by themselves two abstract identifiers, and given they signify nothing without a scenario, art likewise cannot simply give the answer to what 'Good' is. Then it gets more complicated because the viewer sudenly becomes important, and that is often considered to be a non issue when I think about 'Art'.
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