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Whats With All The Cream?

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supa_frizz by Quint Baker

New Zealand is a very sick country. The artworld proves this as true. New Zealand doesn't improve it deproves. But it does prove that I am right that it is sick and you know that I know what I am talking about too don't you yes you do. All jokes aside: Can someone tell me what this is please? What is Ava Seymour doing? Why is SUE CROCKFORD GALLERY endorsing such minimal freak non-sense? I had porridge this morning and with no milk or molassis. You'd have to be crazy to drink New Zealand milk and it's looks as if you'd have to be incredibly crazy to sip on New Zealand's taste in art. Who cares what la de da bullshit reviewers have to say about an exhibition like this like: "In the small back room that is more private (to make a wildly imaginative leap, it is like a funeral parlour), the Blue and Grey Studies allude (I think) to the colour changes in skin after a body's expiration, the greying over as the blood ceases to circulate oxygen and the temperature drops. Seymour is not being ghoulish here - more a matter-of-fact acknowledgement of a fundamental truth" Get real. There is nothingness in nothingness. I am swimming in unflavoured yoghurt that is fat-free, yet my heart hurts, because artlessness in art hurts! How long will wallywafter jafas soak up this let down art crime artworld legitimised "art". Will someone awaken me? I fell adrift on a cloud, New Zealand's long wonderous cloud of sleepyhead beds which are New Zealand's whited out galleries which are infact white sail rangitoto jafa embarrassments. Go choose your perfect bed today-choose well art that will make you sleep forever bound deep in banality







sleepy-2 sleepy-3

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mr tourette
9 articles & 289 comments since 29 Jan 2009
seally really?
b'art Homme
12 articles & 207 comments since 22 May 2010
Posturpaedic, sleepy head, wellington Beds... sonambulent dosy brained industrialised, corporatised art...

I reckon we run our own symposium Dairy Board art... My neighbour said "all those wankers down at the council just spend our money buttering up each other's arses" and when I said I really thought I wanted to paint that he said "it's an old Yorkshire saying of the rough boys y'know" but what a brilliant image for the nex Anchor ad eh?

Good on you having a crack at this mindless art reportage/art. I am liking the Tao Wells thingi too very good indeed. My mate Stephen Regelous spent 5 years on the dole learning how to code - after a couple of years with me he then went on to 5 years with LOTR and making the Massive software for the crowd scenes. the one thing you could not have made LOTR without (not that I am a great LOTR/ Yanky dosh film advocate you understand but if he hadn't spent those years on the dole he would have not been able to make LOTR happen without 60,000 Chinese soldiers!

Quint Baker
29 articles & 724 comments since 20 Jul 2009

thank you someones got to do it everyone is just pussies painting pussies

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