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“strange tiny arms”

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fullscreen_capture_14092011_13253_a.m.-1 by Official_Artbash_Writer_Quint_Baker


see: http://uglynewzealand.com/

also see: http://www.3news.co.nz/Rugby-great-immortalized-in-bronze/tabid/209/articleID/218960/Default.aspx


I don't know how many of you cats have already bumped into this great site http://uglynewzealand.com/ but i'z strollin' through there and i found this weird suggestion. what i discovered makes me kinda shiver? Eden Park has been in the paper and on the news a bit lately aye, i dunno if you have noticed? But have you heard of Dave Gallaher? yeah he has been immortalized in a bronze statue outside Eden Park

...prepare to be creeped out... look at his arms


look at em


you guys should check out ugly new zealand website, it's run by Ralf, i think he said hes now living back in Germany, i think he said he is another one of the university's downsizing casualties? yeah browse, soak it in, New Zealand is a funny little joint and/or a juicy little fruit?



For extra reference see; http://uglynewzealand.com/2011/09/drive-cleaning/#comments

strange_tiny_arms_2 strange_tiny_arms_3

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